DIJOY Team  

DIJOY Team Values:
1、Mutual cooperation can create the perfect team, although not a perfect person.
2、To provide consumers with the best perfume enjoy condensing each forever heart.
3、In front of creating first-class fragrance business goals , I absolutely obedient overall situation.

DIJOY Team Code Of Conduct:
Key words: cask theory, effective communication, solidarity and cooperation, make clear responsibility, reward.
In the concept of value consensus, shared vision and goals, to become a team, or can only be a group. A football match, tens of thousands of spectators can buy group ticket, but they are not a team, the match ended, each rush thing. A member of a team, no matter in what position, what kind of work, his goal orientation and team goal orientation must be consistent, otherwise, it is not up to the purpose.
A business like a barrel, it can install how many water, depending on the cask is the shortest piece of wood has how long. Company development is the prerequisite for the development of staff, staff development is the foundation for the development company. Exist side by side and play a part together make the old and new contrast and complement each other. A team, to climb a mountain, you can win, win, the key depends on the slowest of the players when reach the top.
Communication barriers, communication melting century iceberg. Communication is a lubricant, a high-speed machine friction loss to a minimum. Each person received due to growing environment and education, the impact of various factors on the same things the same person reflect is different, have different ways of looking at things, no communication, it is very difficult to reach a consensus. On the inside, is the internal friction, external is a mistake, is still to lose opportunities for cooperation! In short, the process of collaboration already funnel and misunderstood, if not to adopt active and effective active communication, efficiency is low, it will never become a excellent team!
Unity is strength, a group of United sheep can beat a unity of the lion. Ma Yun said no one than all the smart people, for people sharing can make the team more clever! Share with others we did not get more!
A company is the biggest sorrow is not knowing what not to do, a department, a staff of the greatest sorrow is not know what to do. The road not far from the road, know their responsibilities, can be competent, can undertake the responsibility. Unclear will lead to low efficiency, and the waste of resources, some people have nothing to do, something no one to do.
Incentive mechanism can inspire people, award is a kind of incentive, award can stimulate human advantage; the penalty is another incentive, the penalty can inhibit human foibles. Rewards and punishment, can justly. The only award of impunity, or only penalty not award, award punishs imbalance, the final result is run counter to one's desire. To be honest, do good thing, do honest person. Forever is a good company, but for a long time is not a preeminent company, from excellent to outstanding, long long way to go. The only constant innovation, and constantly go beyond the self, to from good to great!

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